At Harford’s we have over 30 years experience in both motorsport and expedition preparation as we have competed and participated in both. We can offer expert advice in preparation for you rally or expedition vehicle, along with sales, hire and testing.

During 2014 we (Team Harford) competed in the Bowler Defender Challenge. It was a hard fought season, however the drivers Rob Harford & Edd Cobely both drove to stage and rally wins, to win the first ever Bowler Defender Challenge title. The Final standings for the challenge were as follows;

1. Team Harford – Drivers (Rob Harford & Edd Cobely) Navigator (Jonathan Harford & Alan Jackson)
2. Race 2 Recovery – Drivers (Ben Gott) Navigator (Stephanie Boddez)
3. Team Taft – Driver (Damien Taft) Navigator (Simon Taft)

Team Harford will be competing in various Motorsport events. Please check out our Facebook, and both the Bowler and Land Rover sites for news and updates regarding the motorsport series.


photo 1    freelander jump

We have recently helped with the Nasio Trust 4×4 Livingstone Challenge, where we have prepared 4 Land Rover Discovery’s for expedition in Kenya. These vehicle will be a great asset, as they will provide transport to the most rural parts of Kenya. If you would like more information on the Nasio Trust please visit there website

Land Rover Expedition Preperation